History Of Detective

The concept of Private Detective Professionals is to render absolute secret and confidential service to the people/client whoever approaches them to overcome any typical problem at any stranded situation of their life.


Ear to ear stories convey that the origin of this service is very primitive. Very notorious robbers and pirates, who were once in those professions, converted themselves into holy souls in no time during the revolution thus enabling them to return to the country life and started giving informations to the Police and Government about hideouts and action plans of the existing anti-social elements. These people were rewarded by the State for their loyalty and were kept as secret agents. Thus the service gave birth to an existing profession.


In the olden days of kings and emperors, the kings had a custom to disguise themselves mostly during night hours and go throughout the country on different occasions and move with the citizens with the purpose of studying the mind and heart of them through which the standard of their own reign will be understood without third persons’ personal opinion. This art of spying is practiced traditionally as a hobby and the same is followed generation to generation as a political tactics.

What began as a hobby in ancient times for political reasons, the art of spying has now become an inevitable part in the modern day Detective work and with the technological advancements it has sharpened its edge to penetrate through impregnable walls of secrecy.


Intellectual people of different skills and professions in and around the province were selected after several severe tests for their loyalty towards the State, Day-today activities from cross-borders and Inter-States were reported to the authorities in time to maintain peace in existence. Women also play a major role in this field; attractive ladies with enticing glamour were sent to the foe’s country to interact with the Senates and Statesmen to spy on their action plans. These women act as sex spies by exposing their glamour just by their beauty and sharp seducing ability and eyesight and bring down the forts to earth.


After the dawn of civilization and Industrial and Social revolution, a new concept of Private Detectives and Investigators have evolved across the country consisting of self motivated and talented persons to serve the suffering citizens, needy government Departments, Corporate and Private Sector Industries alike on assignment basis. Due to the industrial revolution and development in scientific technologies, Private detectives play a vital role in detecting crimes and forewarn the concerned persons so that commission of crimes can be prevented and subsided. As the Private Detectives are free from any influence of vested interests, they can do wonders in a right method and direction.